If you have any queries not covered below, then please don't hesitate to get in touch. Here are some of the more common questions I might be asked though.


Q: How many hours do you typically put in on a wedding day?

A: When it comes to photographing your wedding, I always, without exception, want to put in the most I possibly can. If I work as hard as I can, then that means I know I can give you the best I have to offer. Of course, the actual number of hours can vary depending on start time / whether or not you want morning preparation shots (some of my favourite shots are captured here!) and how long the dancing goes on for. I'll start as early and finish as late as you want me to though, and I won't charge extra for the privilege! Once the day is over, I will come home, back up all the shots to my server and then start going through them and processing them the following day.


Q: How long until we can see the pictures?

A: On average, I will deliver all the digital processed images within 3-4 weeks of your wedding day. I will always ensure that I have sent the pictures to you before I put them on my website or blog.


Q: How many pictures will we receive from our wedding?

A: The final number of delivered shots can vary depending on the number of hours coverage, number of group shots required etc. I aim to deliver between 250 and 350 high quality, retouched and processed digital images to you.


Q: Can we have ALL the images from the day?

A: The short answer is no. I tend to shoot with two cameras on me at most times, both of which have fairly fast 'frames per second rates'. When aiming to get that 'perfect shot', there will inevitably be out-takes, missed focus etc. The shots that I don't deem worthy of delivering don't get delivered. 


Q: Are our photos backed up with you, even after you deliver them?

A: Yes, I use a professional grade Network Attached Storage (NAS) server, coupled with cloud storage to save ALL the RAW files of your pictures indefinitely. 


Q: What kind of equipment do you use?

A: Whilst I appreciate that the cameras and lenses I use are tools to get a job done, I must admit to being a bit of a nerd when it comes to camera gear. And I know that there's a few more of us out there, so with that in mind ... I currently shoot with Nikon D810's. The D810 is a superb, high quality and very robust professional camera which features two memory card slots (I always ensure I am writing the files to both cards, so that in the highly unlikely event that a card fails, the images will still be on the secondary card). I prefer to work with prime lenses, favouring the 24MM, 35mm and 85mm Nikkor lenses. 


Q: Do you use flash?

A: At times, when it's appropriate, yes. I carry up to four 'speedlights' in my camera bag, which can be used either on the camera or placed in multiple locations off camera and triggered remotely. For the vast majority of the day though, I much prefer to work with available light. I avoid using flash in an obtrusive or distracting way, but it tends to get a work out when people start dancing! Here's some examples of flash work:

Q: Do you offer video services?

A: Currently, no.